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Carletti Poland Ltd. came into existence in 1992. In the beginning its only activities were the import of corn seeds and production of popcorn and various salty snacks. In 1995, thanks to first Carletti A/S investments, production lines for filled chocolates and toffee sweets were installed.  

The decision on extention of the company in 1999 was the crucial moment in its history. The project included building new production halls as well as warehouses. The following year, production lines for chocolates, filled bars, marzipan products, fancy chocolate collections and wrapped chocolates, were installed. This is how Carletti Polska Ltd. managed to mulitply the number of produced goods and increased its offer for Polish and foreign markets.

At the moment, the commercial offer comprises of dozens of various chocolate products, including unique, hand decorated chocolates with plenty of different shapes and fillings. Despite the wide range of offered products our Research and Development Department is continuously introducing new flavours, prepared on the basis of and according to our customers' taste.

But we should not forget that Carletti Polska still imports from USA the highest quality pop corn seed, popcorn for microwaves, and regular popcorn.

All goods offered by Carletti Polska Ltd. are characterized by the highest quality. To guarantee that, the company introduced the HACCP system in 2001, and what is more, since 2005 we have been working according to BRC and IFS safety standards.

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